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Submitted Papers



Title: Structural Adhesives of Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Structural Bonding in FRP Industrial Field

PresenterChun-Ku Chen, Deputy Manager

CompanyEternal Materials Co., Ltd.


Title: Particle Size Redistribution of Waterborne Polyurethane after Phase Inversion in Acetone Process

PresenterFu-Yuan Tasi, Researcher

CompanyGreat Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd.


Title: RFID Adhesive Design Using Rheological Principle

PresenterHsin-Huei Wang

CompanyR&D Manager, Tex Year Industries Inc.


Title: Waterborne Polyurethane Adhesive Technology and Application

PresenterHsu-Tzu Fan

CompanyAssociated Researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)


Title: Green Polyurethane and Polyester for Footwear Applications

PresenterYuung-Ching Sheen

CompanyVice President, Nanpao Group


Title: The Correlation Analysis of Rheology and Probe Tack in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PresenterShih-Chuan Chien, Researcher

CompanyTaiwan First Li-Bond Co., Ltd.


Title:Comparison of Process Oil in Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PresenterTotoro Liong SH, Deputy Technical Development Manager

CompanyTenacity Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Title: Reological Phenomenon of TPR Based HMA with Pressure Sensitive at -30 on U.V. Cured Soft Phase or Hard Phase

PresenterDaniel Liu, Sales Manager

CompanyYuang Hong Corporation


Title: Novel SIS Polymers for Hot Melt Labels

PresenterGeert Vermunicht, Global Adhesives Market Manager

CompanyTSRC Corporation


Title: Adhesion Technology for Next Generation Electronics and Electrical Industry in Korea

PresenterHyun-Joong Kim, Professor

CompanySeoul National University (SNU)


Title: Advanced Binder for Caulking and Sealant

PresenterDr. Yonghae Choi, Director of R&D Center

Company Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc.


Title: Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive by Emulsion Polymerization

PresenterDr. Seung Mo Lee

CompanyProfessional, LG Chemical


Title: Market Influence from Both Circular Economy and Regulations in Europe

PresenterPhilip Bruce, Secretary General

CompanyAssociation of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry (FEICA)


Title: Wacker VAE Dispersion Technical Development Supports Sustainability Trends in China

PresenterZhang Ping, Technical Manager

CompanyWacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.


Title: Wacker STPE Technology for Elastical Adhesive and Sealant Application

PresenterGeorge Lu, Business Development Manager

CompanyWacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.


Title: The Solution for HDK® Fumed Silica in Adhesive Application

PresenterCheryl Fan, Senior Technical Manager

CompanyWacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.


Title: Environmentally Friendly and High Performance Emulsion Tackifiers for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PresenterHisako Iwahashi, Senior Chemist

CompanyArakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Title: New Possibility with Silane Terminated Polymer Technology

PresenterTatsuro Harumashi, R&D Assistant Manager

Company Kaneka Corporation


Title: To Provide Floated Tiles External Wall Repair and Method with Hybrid (STP/Epoxy) Elastic Injection Materials

PresenterShun Takahashi, Researcher

CompanyCemedine Co., Ltd.


Title: The Adhesives Market and Technology Development in Taiwan

PresenterRen-Jen Shi, Chairman

Company Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesives Industrial Association


Title: Application of Modified Silicone (MS) Sealant and Adhesives in Various Fields

PresenterQian Rui, Technical Supervisor

CompanyKaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Title: NX-2026™ - Isocyanate Blocking Technology: Deblocking Performances and Applications

PresenterJames Zhao, Tech. Marketing Manager

CompanyCardolite Chemical Zhuhai Co., Ltd.


Title: Japan Market Trend and JAIA Activities

PresenterMikio Murakami, Vice Chairman

CompanyJapan Adhesive Industry Association


Title: Compatibility of Different Tackifiers in Polystyrene and Polyisoprene
PresenterDr. Shi Yifeng, Partner
CompanyHangzhou Rongfang New PSA Material Co., Ltd.
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