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  • Dr. Che Aifu, Senior Technical Manager
    Industrial automation has achieved rapid progress to increase productivity and reduce labor cost effectively. PUR hot melt adhesive can provide instant bonding strength that enables to achieve automation and thus attracts much attention in the market. In this presentation, PUR hot melt technology and its applications will be introduced in association with the development of automation.…
  • Roger Sun, IBS Key Account Manager for Adhesive APAC
    Combination of 3 parts in the report: 1. Industry 4.0 introduction 2. Industry 4.0 showcase one: Leverage QR code & Micro Texture code to identify counterfeit in the market. In addition, to achieve 1 bottle 1 QR code digital traceability from manufacture to warehouse to distributors to end customers. 3. Industry 4.0 showcase two: Leverage smart factory to have achieved full process visibility during production. Machine data collection & learning is on-going, to achieve manufacture & product quality prediction in the future. …
  • Ruediger Schmitz, Global Marketing Adhesives & Coatings for Flexible Laminates
    A circular economy is a regenerative system in which resource input and waste, emission, and energy leakage are minimized by slowing, closing, and narrowing material and energy loops. This can be achieved through long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling. The presentation will touch base on what Henkel is doing for the circular economy. In addition, it will briefly show some overall activities including the FMCG part of Henkel. …
  • Ellen Wang, Technical Service & Product Management Director, Asia Pacific
  • Dr. Zhang Chenxi, APAC Adhesive Segment Head
    Desmoseal S product portfolio, applications, properties and characteristics.…
  • Li Jinqi, Vice President
    The brief introduction of Covestro, innovation strategy and sustainability. The innovation activity in Asia Pacific and key project progress in Asia Pacific.…
  • Tao Xiaole, Deputy General Manager
    With the fast growth of assembly industry, the reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive with low VOC, low odor, fast fixation, multi-function and excellent adhesion properties has been applied widely for industry market in China, such as automobile parts, household appliance, electronics, woodworking and other fields. This paper would introduce such application and performance requirements for PUR products.…
  • Dr. Gary Shi, Director - AP Product Management
    With the acquisition of Royal Adhesives, H.B. Fuller Engineering (HBFEA) Adhesive further enhanced its leading position in serving automotive manufacturing industry. Now HBFEA provides full flanged innovative product solutions to auto OEMs and tiers. Well known branded products, technologies and applications are discussed in this report.…
  • Dr.-Ing. Jun Qu, Principal Scientist
    One-part room temperature curing polyurethane and one-part hot curing epoxy adhesives are presently used in bonding and sealing of windshields, panels and body shops in transportation and automobile industries. Curing of traditional one-part polyurethane is fully dependent upon the environmental temperature, air humidity and usually takes long time and is nonhomogeneous. This greatly influences the product quality and production efficiency. POWERCURE is a newly released fast curing adhesive system with advanced technology and patents. It enables to help one-part polyurethane cure within 3-5 hours. This new technology is therefore of great importance in transportation, automobile OEMs and automotive after-market as well. Light-weight design is nowadays the strategy of the automotive OEM global players, aiming to reduce the weight of the vehicles, their CO2 emissions and therefore their impacts on the environmental pollution. High strength steels and light-weight materials like CFRP are thus widely used in the automotive manufactures. But the internal stress resulting from the different thermal expansions of these different materials during the manufacture process could result in the deformation and even breakage of the adhesively bonded joints. SikaPower-MBX, having not only relatively high elastic and shear modulus, but also extremely high crash resistance, is a new type of structural adhesive meeting the specific requirements of the manufacture process and therefore applied in the state-of-art light-weight body shop production. …
  • Felix Wang, Business Development Manager Great China
    The presentation will introduce the specialties application in Arkema water borne PSA business, and it is also the important development project which meets the trend of replacement solvent-borne with water-borne PSAs, including high temperature resistance and plasticizer resistance etc.…
  • Lu Ruihua, Senior Technical Engineer
    The contents introduce the protective film application, classifications and the performance requirements to silicone PSA. Introduce the Dow Chemical high performance silicone PSA products applied in protective film and their examples. Introduce Dow Chemical high end floro-silicone release properties and typical bath formulations.…
  • Xie Mingshi, Customer Development Engineer
  • Zhao Rui, Senior R&D Engineer
    This presentation will describe in details the outstanding advantage of silane-modified sealant, the performance of Huitian product, typical application and technical requirements.…
  • Lilian Zhao, Sales Manager
    In high-end transparent label applications, due to the special needs of the production stage and the end market, the adhesives used have high transparency, water immersion resistance, water washability, and can meet the requirements of high-speed production of production lines. However, the high-end transparent label adhesives currently used still have problems such as insufficient transparency, poor water immersion resistance, residual glue after wash and odor etc. As an important part of product packaging, the quality of transparent labels directly affects the appearance of the product and the ease of subsequent recycling. This paper will analyze the key factors affecting the performance and quality of UV cured acrylic hot melt adhesives for high-transparent labels, in order to provide manufacturers, raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers with some ideas and solutions for production applications and R&D. …
  • Cliff Huang, Regional Market Development Manager
    Odor has been an increasing concern of hygiene industry in the last recent 5 years. The concern started from consumers, especially the parents of young babies. Hot melt adhesives used in hygiene products contribute significant odor to the final products. The odor and VOC levels of tackifier resins and base polymers, major components of hygiene HMAs, determine largely the odor level of final adhesives. Eastman has put significant effort developing low odor and low VOC tackifier resins and polymers for hygiene, packaging and other applications. We have set up analytic methods which can be correlated to odor panel testing results. We developed a range of low odor products range from highly aromatic to fully hydrogenated tackifier resins and AerafinTM polyolefin polymers. In our presentation, we will talk about suitable odor testing methods, our low odor products, and their applications. …
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